Getting Started

This Getting Started Guide will walk you through your first installation, and show off some basic major features that icROBOSim™ offers.

Up and Running

  • Download – download the new icROBOSim™ Module
  • Unload – unload the privious version of icROBOSim™ from IRONCAD via IRONCAD Addin Manager
  • Uninstall – uninstall the old icROBOSim™ Module via icROBOSim™ Uninstaller
  • Install – install the new icROBOSim™ Module via icROBOSim™ Installer
  • Load – load the icROBOSim™ to IRONCAD via IRONCAD Addin Manager
  • Acitvate – you are ready to go


The first public release of icROBOSim™x64 introduces a number of significant enhancements including:

  • 2020 major update with new License policy
  • ToolPath functionality – Point/Edge/Face
  • Color Indicator precision improved
  • New type of Robot Supported – Cylinder Stroke


  • 2019 major update with new RSM1 file structure
  • Preparation for the upcoming ToolPath functionality
  • 2019 major update with new licensing method
  • New UI for direct JointAngle/EndPoint editing
  • Multi sequences support
  • fix Scene switching and RSSequencer/UpdateIronCAD issue (critical)
  • fix IRONCAD 2018 incompatible issue
  • fix Critical crash issue (delete parent element in IRONCAD scene)
  • Time Ruler (Bug Fix/New Calculation Method)
  • Robot Property (UUID/Limite/Speed/User Assignable Button)
  • Robot Display Method (Refine)
  • Robot Posture Method (New)
  • Robot EndPoint cSolve (Refine w/ Gas Damper Actuator)
  • Robot EndPoint Smart Assembly (Refine w/ auto Constraints)
  • Mechanism Collision Detection (Refine)
  • Robot Angle Control Panel
  • Record Video (Enhance)
  • UI Clean up (Refine)
  • Localization support
  • Record Video (New Function)
  • Internal core/UI code rewrite (Bug Fix)
v0.5.6.1 (Notyet Release)
  • ScrollBar Incorrect on Delete/Paste/Undo/Redo (Bug Fix)
  • Hide Element (New Function)
  • Undo/Redo supported
  • Copy/Paste supported
  • Export Robot Code supported (Optional)
  • Robot Throughput/Speed calculation/indication
  • User Coordinate System supported
  • External Robot I/O supported
  • User Interface rearranged
  • EndPoint Interpolation issue – calculation miss match
  • Arc Point interpolation
  • TimeStamp Auto Increment for Joint Angle Events and related issues for all events update
  • Single Instance support
  • Activation method enhanced
  • TimeStamp Auto Increment for End Point Event
  • Support to IRONCAD/INNOVATE 2014 with Service Patch 3
  • icRoboSim – RSServer.dll IRONCAD/INNOVATE addin
  • Time domain driven icRoboSim – RSSequencer.exe
  • Multi Scene Document Support with auto Load, Reload and Save

Download the latest version of icROBOSim™ download here.


Availablity: The currenty version of icROBOSim™ is only available to the Japan AS member. Please contact sales representative for detail information.


Important: Uninstall the previous version before installing a new version. You need to uninstall the previous version to deptach uncessary Service Patch first.

  • Remove the icROBOSim™ addin from IRONCAD first – Importnat: this will save you a lot of problem!


  • Uninstall the icROBOSim™ module via Uninstaller – Control Panel → Add or Remove Programs → icROBOSim™ → Uninstall


  • Install the new version – As a Japan AS member please contact sales representative for unlock password, install password and activation code.

Note: Unable to Register the dll ocx regsvr32 failed with exit code 0x5.  Run dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and Run SFC /scannow


The follow video will guid through enable “icRoboSim – RSServer” addin, activation via internet and open the Robots catalog.


Start IRONCAD, press and hold the left Shift-Key after IRONCAD splash screen show up.  Activation dialog will show up.  Deactivate it with via internet Connection Method.

Basic Operation

RSSequencer User Interface

  • (A) – Target Capturing.  Capturing the target object and create a new event track for recording  Currently, RSSequencer supports two different types of elements, the Robot, and also the simple element.
  • (B) – Event Type – Insert event to the track as specified.
  • (C) – Settings.
  • (D) – Track Name.
  • (E) – Message Box.    (E2) – Message Box toggle button.
  • (F) – Time Stamp Scaller for displaying.


UDP/IP Communication

RSSequener communicate with IRONCAD RSServer add-in via UDP/IP protocode.

  • RSSequencer/client communicate with the RSServer/server via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to The IRONCAD application on an Intranet Protocol (IP) network without prior communications to set up special transmission channels or data paths.
  • Multicast capability.  Capable of receiving multiple packet from different clients at the same time.

Motion Composition for Element

A video showcases how to capture three basic block element, insert/delete Time-Stamp event, drag and move events for easy motion composition.

Motion Composition for Robot

A video showcases how to drag drop a robot from catalog, capture the robot, insert/delete Time-Stamp event, drag and move events for easy motion composition.