Basic Operation

RSSequencer User Interface

  • (A) – Target Capturing.  Capturing the target object and create a new event track for recording  Currently, RSSequencer supports two different types of elements, the Robot, and also the simple element.
  • (B) – Event Type – Insert event to the track as specified.
  • (C) – Settings.
  • (D) – Track Name.
  • (E) – Message Box.    (E2) – Message Box toggle button.
  • (F) – Time Stamp Scaller for displaying.


UDP/IP Communication

RSSequener communicate with IRONCAD RSServer add-in via UDP/IP protocode.

  • RSSequencer/client communicate with the RSServer/server via the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) to The IRONCAD application on an Intranet Protocol (IP) network without prior communications to set up special transmission channels or data paths.
  • Multicast capability.  Capable of receiving multiple packet from different clients at the same time.

Motion Composition for Element

A video showcases how to capture three basic block element, insert/delete Time-Stamp event, drag and move events for easy motion composition.

Motion Composition for Robot

A video showcases how to drag drop a robot from catalog, capture the robot, insert/delete Time-Stamp event, drag and move events for easy motion composition.