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Excel Sheets VBA

Remotely Driving IRONCAD robot/object/element from an external Excel Sheet VBA.  Showcase of an external program could communicate with the RSServer (IRONCAD add-in) via UDP/IP protocol.  RSServer as an IronCAD robosim server with the capability to handling multi client commutating at the same time – by all means, multiple external client/sequencer/remote programs could be ruining at the same time to trigger any desire robot/object/element within IronCAD 3DScene.

keyword: automation


Kinematics recalculation – an approval of capturing a set of robot’s child/parent relation and reconstruct/reculate each child/parent element base on robot’s joint angle to build up the final geometry/scene.  From all the related element to each joint angle and also in the inverse way from each joint angle to all the related element.